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As Rajab and Sa’aban pass us by… the holy month of Ramadhan, filled with mercy, blessings and forgiveness, has finally arrived. May Allah (S.W.T) grant us the chance of being amongst those who know its value, Insha’Allah.
Nowadays, our Ummah is in dire need of Duaa’s! Muslim lands are filled with blood, tears, and painful cries. Oppressors are constantly striking Muslims, including women and children. It is time for us to engulf ourselves in tearful Duaa’s. We should be implementing active Duaa’ by running to aid our Muslim brothers and sisters to our utmost power.
To this date, if we haven’t been able to pay close attention to the Halal and clean status of our food, medicine and cosmetics as well as their health statuses, then we should, for the sake of this holy month, strive to pay a bit more attention and care to this issue. Thereby, we must review and reassess the shops and supermarkets where we obtain these supplies.
Allah states in the Holy Quran: “Are those who know equal to those who know not?”. In the light of Quranic warning and the blessed month of Ramadhan, we should seek to question ourselves and minimize the distance between us and Islam and regard this effort as out personal Jihad.
May Allah (S.W.T) grant the whole Muslim Ummah a beneficial Ramadhan. (AMEEN)