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A new food scandal arises each day. Citizens are confused on whom to trust, and what to consume. The so-called ‘clean and healthy’ drinking waters being consumed in homes and workplaces now threaten our health. While this situation angers the citizens; the ministry of health is being pressured to release a list of company names that threaten our health.
As for water filling facilities, there are other scandals arising there.
It has been informed that when the capacity is not sufficient, many well-known firms use the garden properly and spring waters for filling purposes. The well water, that is used in gardens, are infested with various kinds of bacteria and microbes. The waters that have not been analyzed, can be easily sold to citizens for their consumption.
These kinds of news, that have made it to front page, once again assert the importance of GIMDES’s Halal certification system. Scandalous news regarding bottled water has increased the citizen’s interest in GIMDES’s Halal certified water companies such as Hamidiye ve Abant Su.
Glass bottles should be used !..
There is yet no attention to the BPA-containing-plastic bottles, that in turn threaten our health by leading to cancer. This great risk can be avoided by a fast transition to glass bottles, that conveniently carry no considerable health risks.