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Besides domestic companies, foreign companies are also willing to obtain the GIMDES Halal Products Research Institute’s certificate for the purpose of international trade. The most recent example is the cosmetics company, Daeducklab situated in the city of Daejeon in South Korea. The firm produces various products such as skin care products, body care products, cleaning products, cosmetic products, and sunscreens.
GIMDES delegation consisting of Coordinator of External Relations, M.Zafer, and Professional chemist, Murat Sayın, will be heading to South Korea on Thursday, 9th of August, to carry out the audits dated between 11-12 august. May Allah (S.W.T)’s aid be with them from now.
After publishing this news, I have remembered a past event that I encountered with the company’s owner Jhun Hyunpyo, and have decided its of great benefit to share this memory with the readers. After returning to South Korea last year following the long negotiations in Istanbul, he sent me a letter from there. I hope this translated letter does evoke your attention as well.

Dear President Mr.Hüseyin,
Hello, How are you?
I thank you very much for hosting me kindly in Turkey and continuously boosting my morale.
I believe and hope that GIMDES, which you are President of, will be an ideal association for all Muslim countries.
After the meeting I carried our with GIMDES, I have thought so much about Halal cosmetics, and realized that your thoughts and ideologies, as well as those who are working in GIMDES, are so true. Especially after comparing it with Malaysia’s Jakim or Indonesia’s MUI Halal certification assosciation, I have concluded that GIMDES is exceptionally good. I was sure of this once i returned to Korea and read the Korean translation of the Quran.
I read in the Quran the sentence stating: “Eat from those good products that are religiously accepted”. In this sentence, the accepted goods represent Halal and the good products represent the healthy ones. If we look at the meaning of healthy, GIMDES’s standards of health is correct, however, the standard od Malaysia’s JAKIM is not. But in my opinion, while determining the standards for healthy products, you need to establish a professional, scientific and reasonable standard. If Halal cosmetics are not being produced because of the extra conservative standards, then Muslim women will be forced to use non-Halal cosmetics and thus, bear the consequences. I aim to produce the best Halal cosmetics, so that Muslim women all over the world use the GIMDES certified cosmetics, instead of the current irresponsible cosmetics.
Thereofre, I am willing to be constantly in contact with the person in charge in GIMDES, so as to develop the product. Of course, for this, we need your, as president of GIMDES, and GIMDES personnel’s support. And the established GIMDES Halal cosmetics standards, as a result, will hopefully set an example to all other Halal cosmetic certification institutes.
I will try to comply with the goal that GIMDES is following.
I wish you best of health.
Jhun, Hyunpyo
DAEDUCK Lab. Co., Ltd.
Plural Professor (Daejeon Health Science College)
Around 1.5 years after sending this letter, the company proceeded its hard and intense work with GIMDES in order to tirelessly produce products with Halal and healthy conditions. They also fulfilled the condition of employing a Muslim as the head of the internal secutiry system, in order to obtain the Halal Certificate. Finally, there were no obstacles in the paperwork, and audits for certification were decided to be initiated. I publish this letter here in hopes of it becoming an example to all Muslim company owners and managers.