The celebration preparation is ongoing for 17th Ramadan Dunya Halal Day all over the world.

In that concept, Cihan news agency, Haberturk, Name News, Haber Kıta, Zaman Newspaper, Haber Kıta, Haber by, TV5, Tele Haber, Zaman Fransa, Bugün Gazetesi, Helal Mutfak, GIMDES, Gida Raporu, Haber Monitor and World Halal Council has announced this important news thorough a long period of time.

The main intention for celebration of World Halal Day is to increase and develop regarding Halal awareness and to be noticed by wide community.

As Gimdes Youth Volunteer Organization, we will announce this day to our brothers and sisters using our stands, brochures, posters. We will work on bringing this to the world’s agenda in Social Media with GIMDES’ passionate leadership.

Celebration Programme

1) Stands will be opened at 3 major squares in Istanbul to announce World Halal Day. Names of the squares: Bagcilar, Sirinevler, Eminonu

2) World Halal Day stickers will be handed out to youth

3) Posters celebrating World Halal Day. (Ex: World Halal Day Mobarak) will be hanged on several major squares

4) Flyers celebrating “World Halal Day” will be sent out to youth organizations

5) Social media activities will be organized:

a) On Facebook: Leave messages on major groups that have over 4 million members celebrating World Halal Day
b) On Twitter: On 17th Ramadan, we will use #WorldHalalDay around the world and in Turkey

6) Brochures emphasizing importance of Halal and World Halal Day will be handed out in several cities to public

These activities are ongoing for two days. The posters hang up in Bagcilar Iftar Tent on Sunday and in Sirinevler Book Fair booths. The brochures have distributed, and the information has given to booth visitors.

Gimdes Youth Volunteer Organization

News Reporter