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All Ummah’s Laylatul Qadr and Ramadan Bairam Mubarak


We reach to finish the month which is heralded by beneficent, mercy, compassion. We meet Qadr night that is Prophet Muhammed (SAW) received the first revelation in a cave on the mount of Hira. , It is also a night of forgiveness, when good deeds performed are “better than the deeds of 1000 months, which do not contain a Night of the Decree.


I supplicate Allah (SWT) by Laylatul Qadr and Ramadan Bairam to rescue All Islam worlds in this blessed Ramadan month and night of power.


O My Lord,

Today our Ummah pours bloody tears.

There is cruelty, and suffer everywhere.

Our honor is under the feet of unbelievers miserable.

We understood all of these things due to our sin

We regret, repentance, and come to your door

We beg all Muslim’s rescue from all over the world. We know you are forgiver, and like to forgive. Please forgive us deference of this night.

Forgive us.


O My Lord,

We don’t want to be the receiver than the giver.

Born with right, live with right, dead with right,

Earn from Halal, eat from Halal and live with Halal,

Born again in the Paradise gardens in their endless life

To be that kind of person deference of this night,

to be like that destined.