Muslims want to see Halal logo products !..

Many discussion meetings occurred in December in the international area. GIMDES has also attended these discussion meetings. Malaysia, Middle East Congress, Conferences and bilateral meetings showed that there are important developments on Halal Certified products.

It is getting important to have a halal logo on product packages especially export products.

According to an article which was issued in 2011, this is on manufacturer and importer responsibility. However, the Halal Certifiers have to inform to customers. In this way, the issued Halal logos on imported products’ packages can be inquired to Halal Certifier. Thereupon GIMDES President has sent a letter to all GIMDES Halal Certified company for their information.

Conscious consumers search for GIMDES Halal logo!..

Now the consumers want easily to distinguish reliable Halal Certifiers’ certified products on the market shelves. The most practical way of this distinction is Halal logo.

Seeking the reliable Halal logo on the Market shelves!..

Nowadays, when consumers go to the shopping centers, they bring GIMDES Halal Certified products list with themselves. So, GIMDES has sent a letter to the companies to use Halal logo for their Halal Certified products. Unfortunately, the companies that have been issued their Halal Certificate by GIMDES haven’t used GIMDES Halal logo on their packages due to unknown reasons. It has stated in the letter that “it is one of the most important Muslims’ consumer right and the Halal Certified companies have to take into account on that.

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