5th International Halal Congress Russia was held in Moscow

With the increasing number of Muslims, the demand for Halal products and services is growing every year. However, Halal products and services are popular not only among Muslims, but also among people of other confessions and ideologies, as Halal products are known for its quality and the sphere of Halal services is based on mutual respect and honest cooperation.

5th Moscow International Halal exhibition Moscow Halal Expo 2014 took place in Moscow in Russia from June 5 to June 8, 2014. The organizer of the exhibition is Russian Muftis Council.

The first two day of the exhibition was dedicated to International Moscow Halal Congress. GIMDES Technical committee member Murat SAYIN gave a presentation about Traditional and Modern Sources of Ingredients in the Halal Industry. During the presentation, Mr. Murat SAYIN explained the critical raw materials in the food, cosmetics and other products which Muslims use in their daily life and the importance of exchange GIMDES experiences in the sphere of Halal Certification and discuss the optimum ways of cooperation between certification bodies.

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