GIMDES attends “We Connect Islam and Japan” event in Tokyo, Japan

Halal way of life spreads around the world. Japan is another country that aims to get a part in the big Halal pie.
1.Halal Summit in Japan took place in Tokyo, Japan between 4-6 August .
GIMDES sent Murat Sayin, Chemist and member of Technical Committee of GIMDES, to attend this important event. Sayin presented a paper on Halal and Tayyib Cosmetic Standards and Certification.
Sayin also visited Nippon Halal Association in Tokyo and exchanged information.
The reasons for Japan’s interest in Halal is that number of Muslims visiting Japan have substantially increased and to comply with the requirements of these new visitors, Japanese people have to learn the basics. Another important factor is that Japan is one of the major producers of food ingredients and to be able to sell their products to Islamic countries, they want to get their products Halal certified, which require the producers to be aware of Halal and Tayyib.

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