Allah (swt) has created all animals, including pork. However, Allah has defined in the Quran both haram and najis. There is not a necessity for believers to inquiry why He is defined as haram and najis. However, Muslims can search of its reason because of their curiosity.  This research doesn’t have restriction.

It isn’t necessary for a Muslim to find scientifically reasons for divine prohibitions. Notwithstanding, if a believer observes and finds the scientific reason of any divine prohibition, he can share this information with other believers to help to increase their belief. If this is done, trustworthiness of Quran will be stronger upon poor believers.

We believe that all Qur’anic statements are true and if science hasn’t confirmed these statements yet, it must reconsider of the data of its previous experiences. When it does that, we believe science will also confirm.

The hormonal and behavioral effects of pork meat and fat

Firstly, we have to say that pork meat and fat aren’t forbidden just for Muslims but because “pork is feed by carrion and shape with dirtiness,” it is forbidden for Jews and Christians. It has stated that pork is not clean, you should not eat it in the Old Testament chapter 7-8. There is not any statement in the Bible about the prophet Isa (Jesus) ate pork.

Pork Life

According to pork farmers, pork livestock fattening is cheaper because it doesn’t need pasture, and it eats fertilizer and other remained died meats. Even it can eat its excrement. Sexual behaviors of pork are different than such as cow, sheep and goat. Pork a little hesitates to have sexual intercourse in any time and place. Sows are very aggressive in sexual intercourse. When it is ready for sexual intercourse, they do thing until that. Porks are licking each other’s genitals as dogs after sexual intercourse.  However, other mammals such as cattle, sheep and goat don’t behave such behavior.

Why does pork fat different than other animal fats?

Lipids are fats as an energy source. These can be from plant and animal based. Triglycerides are naturally composed of one molecule of glycerol and three molecules fatty acid. Fatty acids can be saturated and unsaturated.  More unsaturated fats have a high melting point. The iodine value is the degree of saturation. The iodine value of pork is 65, beef is 45 and mutton is 32. After ingestion, fat emulsification occurs within the stomach by gastric lipase. Triglyceride hydrolysis into glycerol and fatty acid by pancreatic lipase. Fatty acids and glycerol are used by various tissues such as kidney, heart and liver.

Although herbivorous animals have unsaturated fatty acids in the triglycerides’ molecular structure, carnivore animals have saturated fatty acids.  If pancreatic lipase is in the saturated fatty acid structure, it isn’t hydrolyzed to triglyceride molecule. Carnivorous animals such as dogs, rats, cats and pork have saturated fatty acids and thus cannot hydrolyze triglyceride molecule.

If a person eats herbivore animals’ fat, this fat can be hydrolyzed, can be absorbed into the intestine, and then it can be stored as human fat as re-synthesize. However, carnivorous animals and swine fat cannot be hydrolyzed, and so that it has stored in adipose tissues as carnivorous animals and swine fat.


What is the relationship between human behavior and hormone with pork fat storage?

The hormones that provide circulations are bounded and free forms. The hormones that are in the free form is forced to bind to receptors in fat tissue before its activity. Hormones cannot be utilized because oboist reduces receptors. Therefore, hormonal insulin causes diabetes, and hormonal testosterone causes lack fertilization. Fat amount controls secretion of hormones.

It can be acceptable that there is an irregularity of hormones’ bond of pork fat stored human. Therefore, they have a higher level of active hormone in the blood circulation. It is possible that sexual life perversion and abnormal sexual life practices are linked to what they eat in the pork eating communities. After all, it is confirmed “You are what you eat” statement of nutritionists.

So far, it was tried to explain the effects of pork on hormones and behavior. We should say that the relation of pork with cholesterol, sodium and heart diseases is abnormal.

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