Against CEN Meeting

Kindly find Dr. Huseyin’s, President of GIMDES (Turkey), letter for April 28-29, 2015 CEN meeting in Cordoba.

Dear Brother in Islam,

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Non-Muslims want to control Muslims by control of their halal food.

Halal is an islamic term and only belongs to Muslims.

We are against any work for the purpose of control any islamic- especially the important and critical subject such as halal standard – by non-Muslims.

Halal is not just a technical issue which European Union can set up its standards and formulations. halal is a religious issue, and we don’t learn our religion from non-Muslims, and we will not allow non-Muslims to intervene in our religion.

If they urgently need to arrange a standard, we recommend CEN to prepare a standard for kosher products. We know – as they know- that they don’t dare to put standard for Jewish ; even though they comprise just 14 million !!. So, how do they start to arrange a standard for 2 billion Muslims ?!! We have enough Muslims scientists whom they can arrange unified Halal standard.

Muslims have to have insight and perspicacity to stand against these kind of works. Their aim as before is just to abuse halal system and destroy halal lifestyle.

The seperiority of the western-led imperialist, materialist and atheist world, that began 100 years ago.

Although no longer show its previous oppression upon the believers, they want to exploit Muslims by the control of Halal products.

I want to inform my brothers who will attend CEN’s meeting that they are just invited as puppet in order to confirm their already taken decision.

I remind all brothers that Allah (SWT) will judge us what we have done in this world. So, I recommend all Muslims Halal authorities immediately withdraw before 28-30 April 2015 Cordoba meeting as their responsibility to save Muslims Ummah’ rights.

We and the history will not forget whoever attend these meetings. May Allah shows us his right path.

Dr. Huseyin Kami BUYUKOZER

GIMDES President

WHC Patron

News Reporter