What does GIMDES want to explain? ,and What want to do?

GIMDES mission and vision contain all actions and works that are called Halalen Tayyiben and must be applied by Muslims in daily life. GIMDES is never a fatwa institution. For this reason, GIMDES has never searched fatwas for Muslim consumers to facilitate their imposed the modernity lifestyle during hundred years. GIMDES has just cared to be manufactured products according to what Quran and hadith advised. This issue must be solved from its origin.

2 billion Muslims who comprise the Islam Ummah live a colony lifestyle which controlled by non-Muslims and isn’t aware of its sacred duty and its own power. However, the sad thing is the fatwa issuer distribute their fatwas just as helping the current lifestyle. GIMDES is asking, doesn’t have any sanction fatwas, which can rescue our ummah from this humiliation? Did Allah (SWT) has created this ummah to live this humiliation?

Please check around; yoghourt that originally belongs to us, but it becomes dirty with gelatin, which has been mostly produced by pork hives and bones for ages. Flour products, including bread, phyllo, baklava is contaminated by cysteine, which can come from human hair or pork hair. Although in the past rennet produced from our slaughtered lamb and calf, however, our cheeses can be produced by imported pork based rennet for years. Even if they promote cancer, Alzheimer and many cerebral diseases, we have been enforced to use sodium nitrite and mono sodium glutamate in the productions to extend shelf life. It is still ongoing to use many raw materials, which can come from animal sources such as glycerine, fatty acids, mono and di glycerides and synthetic sweeteners contain many side effects to human health. Hundreds and thousands raw materials contain same harmful effects that have used in cosmetics, medicine and health products with an absolute necessity claims. Because of that many fatwa issuers have approved those raw materials due to regarding claim. Isn’t it a humiliation? Is it favourable to live in humiliation for Muslims?

GIMDES takes its effort to change this wrong course. GIMDES says to producers that if you want to sell your products to Muslims, you have to produce your products according to Muslims’ requirement, which is called “Halalen Tayyiban” standard. If you do your controls under GIMDES Halal and Tayyib Standards, GIMDES registers your company with issue a Halal and Tayyib certificate. Isn’t this type of work beneficial for all Ummah? Isn’t it an obligation for even Muslims who throw the wind due to despair to support this type of work? Some brothers can say it is very difficult even impossible. We would like to answer with the following ayath;

So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers.[3:139]

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