Islam has a message in every point of our life. So Islam aims to obey Muslims its certain way of lifestyle. When there is such request, we have pay attention to our foods in our daily life as a religious order. Such an order is a priority order to care individual’s material and spiritual health. Any attitude that doesn’t obey or underestimate just means to deny itself.

We are in a process that consumes our social structure. We must get rid of this process at once. Yes! We have to think of a new way of life with our independent willpower. We must return again healthy lifestyle that consistent with our moral values and shows everybody in the history who we are. Think about that people who lived 50 or 100 years haven’t lived with the products which seem unavoidable for us nowadays. Our ancestors have established strong and respected states by applying healthy lifestyle during centuries.

It should be proud to bring to light again our community’s halal and tayyib life elements, which seem lost now. When we apply Halal and Tayyib lifestyle  to ourselves, our environment will start to accept, and this lifestyle will be a strong movement. In the beginning, producers and sellers will not be able to participate in this action immediately because of their short-term interests. However, in the end, they will have to comply.

News Reporter