Halal and Tayyib Certification System is not a commercial and ideological competition field.

Halal and Tayyib Certification System is not a commercial and ideological competition field.

Halal and Tayyiben Life is informed to all mankind as an order in the Quran.

O mankind, eat from whatever is on earth [that is] lawful and good and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy. [2:168]

Therefore, especially Muslims are responsible to embrace of this order more than anyone. This is a faith issue for them. Due to it is a faith issue of Muslims, non-Muslims can never deal with Halal and Tayyib standardization and certification. No one can abuse this for their commercial and ideology. Non-Muslims can never be involved in Halal and Tayyib certification as they can’t be an imam at the mosque in prayers.

Halal certificate shows a religious fact as it is obvious from its name. Halal certificate cannot be sold or bought as tomato business in the market. It is an extremely important circumstance to comply with Islamic rules and scientific procedures. However, Halal certificate value can never to be reduced.

First of all, Muslims do not allow this. It is because Halal life, Halal slice is his faith issue. He never allows to abuse this. It is now obvious that “Does not contain lard and its derivatives” statement does not have credibility. Muslims do not trust such deceptive statements anymore.

Halal certification organizations cannot be routine quality certification organizations, which are not linked to Islam. The organizations and its workers must absolutely be Muslim and live Islam.

It also damages the credibility of products with unauthorized, unlicensed, without complying scientific and religious procedures except just focusing on earning money. It is upset for Muslims to see the same dangerous mentality in some Islamic countries or private institutions.

Some fraud organizations are derived from Muslim and non-Muslim countries issue Halal certificate to Mechanical slaughter, gas stunning and even tolerate atheist butchers. At the same time, variety of pork remains is encountered in the supposedly given Halal certified products in those countries.

We are very glad for some steps towards Halal certified products for avoiding unhealthy and forbidden raw materials in our products. Likewise, we feel sad for the initiatives in Halal certification that just adulterate and help capitalism inadvertently.


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