Halal Logo Used on the Product Label is a Fundamental Right of Consumers

Surely, one of the most important problems issued in our age is seeking of Halal and Tayyib products. With enhanced technologies lots of ingredients obtained from animal, vegetable, synthetic or microbial sources and those ingredients using in productions. At the same time, they developed different ways and practices to slaughter an animal in large slaughterhouses or integrated facilities. In addition to that there have been many new changes by interfering plant or animal genes.

As a result of these, Muslims who encounter lots of products that includes dozens of additives produced by brand new technologies, seeking for a quest about to contents and provisions of products they have consumed or used. At the moment, we can easily say that the leading subject about the most frequently asking questions and requesting fatwa in the Islamic world is about the products that Muslims have consumed and used and the process periods of those products.

Under these circumstances, Muslims have become preferring more GIMDES Halal and Tayyib Certified products due to GIMDES’s sincere, reliable and accredited work to protect their essential Halal life system. We are witnessing the awareness of the Muslims about the Halal and Tayyib products increasing each passing day.

One of the subjects that are issued lately by the sensitive consumers is the lack of Halal logo on the products that has already Halal certified. GIMDES Halal logo is obviously the most important symbol for GIMDES Halal and Tayyib Certified products proofing that there are not any additives or aiding materials in the products against Muslims’ beliefs and health.

Unfortunately, there are some companies that aware of this circumstance and think that they are clever enough to use GIMDES Halal logo, although the products haven’t Halal certified. Our lawyers conduct juristic acts against those companies.

Companies which have already taken their Halal certificate from GIMDES started to use GIMDES Halal logo on their packages. GİMDES HELAL LOGOLU ÜRÜNLER

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