HAYRAT Sent Supplies that Certified by GIMDES to Innocent Children

Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association has launched a campaign called “no more hungry babies” for the Syrians who are currently struggling with hunger in the harsh winter conditions. Three trucks which were prepared under the campaign has sent with prayers.

Hayrat Aid has launched a mobilization to help those innocent hearts. 16 tons baby biscuits and four tons cupcakes were prepared for the campaign which is important and needed for the babies those are innocent faces of Syria. The biscuits was prepared with cooperation of Afia Gıda that is certified by GIMDES send off with prayers from Eyüp Sultan, Istanbul.

Afia Food, Cemre Collage and Hayrat Aid in collaboration with 16 tons baby biscuits and 4 tons cupcakes were sent to Syrian children. District Governor of Eyup Abdullah Dölek, Mufti of Eyup Muammer Ayan and General Secretary of IDSB Ali Kurt was joined the ceremony which organized for the three trucks that sent off with prayers from Eyüp Sultan, Istanbul. Three trucks were sent off after the Mufti of Eyup Muammer Ayan’s prayer will fulfill the needs of innocent hearts and will be hope for those innocent hearts.

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