Fusun Mentes is food engineer and at the same time one of the lead auditors in GIMDES. She gave a seminar in 75th Year Sefakoy Imam Hatip Secondary School in Istanbul.

The seminar topic was about food additives for fast food, coke, carbonated beverages, chips and corn snacks, which excessively consume stuffs by children nowadays.

While synthetic colorants particularly cause hyperactivity, it also brings about muscle twitching, allergy abdominal cramps and some genetical disorders and increases cancer risk.

Some wide use raw material was specifically mentioned during seminars. For example, synthetic sweeteners are usually obtained from coal. These sweeteners are 45-13000 times sweeter than sucrose.

10 Worst Food Ingredient List formed by Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) includes aspartame (E951), saccharine (E954) and acesulfame K (E950); it is detected that these three sweeteners cause cancer.

The lecturer declared that as GIMDES gives the certificate to both halal and tayyib products, usage of MSG, nitrite, nitrate, sodium benzoate, etc. food additives, which are harmful for human health are not allowed.

Seminar was ended after questions and answers.

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