Dr. James Noh, Director of Halal Industry Department of Korean Institute visited GIMDES.

Dr. Noh met Dr. Huseyin Buyukozer, President of GIMDES and told that activities of GIMDES are widely followed by Korean Industry. This is because Dr. Buyukozer visited Korea in 2016 and gave several lectures there to the leading industry managers. Dr. Buyukozer had explained that the potential for Halal certified products are increasing day by day and it is indispensable for any production company to get Halal certified.

During the meeting with Dr. Noh, Dr. Buyukozer expressed his views in detail. According to Dr. Buyukozer, not every Halal certificate is a Halal certificate. Nowadays there are many fake certificates in addition to certificates given by non-Muslims. Dr. Buyukozer stressed the fact that Halal certificates can only be granted by Muslim-owned Muslim operated Halal certifying bodies. These bodies should be independent, and ideally, they should be NGO, non-governmental organizations with the sole aim of serving Muslims.

Dr. Noh said that GIMDES has been a good example for a reliable Halal certification body and they will try to implement the same system in Korea.


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