First all of all, I would like to point out Halal is a must of the Muslim life standard. From birth to death, living in the Halal circle is the most important goal. The foundation of this goal is the Halal slice.

The Muslims who will give an account of every slice that passes through his throat to Allah (S.W.T.), so every consumed slice must be Halal. Halal slice is the most important assurance for his material and spiritual life to be healthy and prosperous.

Today there are 2 billion Muslim people all over the world. Halal slice is a critical religious condition. Firstly, it is essential to search for his slice is Halal or not.

At this point, it is crucial to make right research on the process, method, and institutional structure.

Halal Program for such an organization should be able to ensure that Muslim consumers’ right protected. The Halal certification body must guarantee professional services on auditing, monitoring, certifying and supplying for Halal and Tayyip products with its expert staffs of Islamic Fiqh and production technologies.

The members of the Halal program must be authorized and supported by the most well-known, reliable International Halal Certification Authorization Institutions to the realization of the mission of Halal programs in their territories.

Halal logo and sign or the Halal program should provide complete confidence and peace of mind for the Muslim consumers on the daily products according to Halal and Tayyib status.

The Halal program of this institution should aim to fulfill Halal and Tayyib consumers’ requests on the products.

Halal program of this institution should be independent when offering legal, reliable, transparent services to the Muslim community.

This institution should not deal with another quality program concurrently when applying for the Halal program.

Halal program of this institution should never depend on a state, political authority, a commercial entity, a single community that enfeebles to become a united Ummah.

The Halal program of this institution should keep Ahlus-Sunnah Wal Jama’ah belief based on Hanafi, Shafee, Maliki and Hanbali jurisprudence.

The Halal program of this institution should be completely within the Kafalat System, and it must give full confidence to Muslim consumers.

The Halal program of this institution should be open to all type of investigations and examinations at all levels.

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