Beware of cosmetics which you use daily

It’s leading people to seek for new measures and solutions for chemical additives, that used in the industry, due to their harm to human health, damage to the environment and the threats it creates more and more.

Cosmetics are substances or products used to enhance or alter the appearance or fragrance of the body. Skin products, hair products, teeth products, nail care products, cleaning products, creams, lotions, shampoos, toothpaste, soaps, detergents, makeups, lipsticks, powders, blushes, Mascara, Mask, Perfumes, Deodorants, Hair dyes, etc.

Raw materials and additives are used in cosmetics depend on desired features. These include lubricants, moisturizers, preservatives, antioxidants, pharmaceutical agents, polymers, dyestuffs, odorants, homogenizers, thickeners, and emulsifiers.

Long researches results show that the raw materials and additives used in the cosmetics productions may cause various diseases such as asthma, allergy, skin rashes and skin, breast, uterus and ovarian cancers.

Cosmetics have an important place in people’s daily care habits. Even a simple person uses at least a few cosmetics in his every day. Some of them are deodorants, soaps, shampoos, dentifrices, hair care products, creams and something like that.

Many people think that these products are safe and don’t cause any problems. But dermatologists don’t agree with this assumption. Some problems can arise after extended period usage, but some of them occur just after the first few uses.

There are many additives which are used in critical part of the cosmetics that are currently sold on the market. These additives are harmful to health and suspicious for faith. Some of them are the following;

Sodium lauryl sulphate,Triklosan, Sodium monofluorophosphate, Sodium saccharin, Sodiumfluoride, Ammonium laureth sulphate, Sodium laureth suphate, DEA (di ethaolamine), TEA (tri ethanolamine), Formaldehyde, Aluminium, İmidazolin dinyl urea, DMDM hydantion, Petrolatum, Alpha hydroxy acid, Padimate-o, Octyl dimethyl, Ürea Niacinamide, Parabenler, karmin, Etanol, Gluteraldehit, BHT, BHA.

As anyone can see, the most cosmetic products that fill on the market shelves contain at least a few ingredients that are harmful to health and suspicious. Many countries have become aware of these potential dangers and have had to turn new quests.

The countries that don’t have Islamic sensitivity has been directed to organic solutions in almost every field. In another case, the products including cosmetics have been started to produced with fully halal and tayyip confirmed additives in the Islamic countries. As GIMDES, we invite everybody who lives in all over the world to use Halal and Tayyib certified products which are produced under the control and supervision under proper conditions.

Even one Korean Cosmetic company six years ago applied to get Halal and Tayyib certificate. Although GIMDES criteria are very high, they have received the first certificate four years ago with a great effort and produce cosmetics under GIMDES Halal and Tayyib standards. The companies such as Spumy, Asil Nur Kimya, Belkim, Yeşil marka, Cosmolab, Maranki, Daeduck, Diversey, Liva, Üçe medical, Faber Kimya, Gülçiçek, Naturalive, Universal, Orgacadent, Rotem, Safia, Faber kozmetik, Yarkim produce Soap, toothpaste, Hygienic ped, deodorant, cleaning detergents, hair care, shampoo, wet wipes, perfume, cologne, disinfectants. Product numbers increase day by day.

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