Halal is a necessity in the life of Muslims. It is indispensable to live in the borders of Halal from birth until death. Halal bite is very important for Halal life. Allah CC will ask us about eath bite we consumed. So, our food should be Halal. Halal food is the key to having a healthy and faithful life for both physically and spiritually.

As the global communication develops, Muslims have begun to realize that modern life and products that come with their lives lead to dissatisfaction, stress, and unhealthy life, and that they must start looking for long-different and appropriate lifestyles, that is, the Halal lifestyle.

The Ummah is starting to wake up from a hundred years of sleep. Imperialist bosses are trying to prevent this development through states only to keep their state in their hands. Whatever they do, the goal will be reached. The market potential for halal foods is about $ 1 trillion. The total Halal market is estimated at around $ 3.8 trillion. Currently, only 15% of this market can be realized.

There are about 15 million Jews, but Kosher has a market potential of $ 250 billion. This is a tremendous number for a small community. Do you know that the consumers of Kosher products are mostly Muslim and non-Jewish people?

I mentioned that just only 15% of the market was achieved. Why is this number so small? Why is the remaining 85% not provided? The highly sensitive Halal food supply chain is not fully established. The Ummah, with a population of about to 2 billion Muslims, is still unaware of what they consume and they are not very careful in choosing Halal. For these reasons, the products consumed by Muslims are still under the control of non-Muslims.

So in order to have halal integrity, companies, countries and associations must come together on a common basis and develop quality standards and production methods. To increase public awareness, NGOs and the media have to work intensively at all levels. International exhibitions and conferences are very important activities for this.

So this year GIMDES will organize the 10th Halal and Tayyib conference and will host the annual general meeting of WHC during the period between 27-31 October 2018. GIMDEs will introduce the Halal and Tayyib certified products to WHC members and attendees.

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