In this century, especially in the food sector, halal and haram have mixed and it has reached a level that the difference between them cannot be found by the sensory perception by the incredible development of biotechnology and by the efforts of non-Muslim imperialist powers to degenerate the Halal sensitivity of Muslims. Although people are aware of the destruction in taste, significant changes of generations, quick emergence and spread of allergic and bacterial illnesses; they do not know the reason for these problems and suffer to understand the source of the problems by their general knowledge.

Islamic world with a population of approximately 2 billion has noticed the importance of the religious duty “seeking Halal and Tayyib products” in order to escape from this chaos and this search has been continuing with an increasing power day by day. It was initiated in Turkey under the leadership of GİMDES that has been in the front lines of Halal and Tayyib Certification and Audit since 2005 and events of expos and conferences besides the service of certification have been playing an important role to spread this issue. With this perception, GİMDES organised 10 times International Halal and Tayyib Products Conference and 6 times Halal and Tayyib Products Expo between the years 2008-2018.

This year, GİMDES and CNR EXPO will host the events. We believe that the speeches of our welcomed speakers will make us understand the significance of Halal Certification and the challenges faced as well as the possible solutions.

We say that Halal food is the first step for a healthy generation and we believe in so.

11th International Halal and Tayyib Conference will be in the area of Halal and Tayyib Products, 6th Hall of CNR Food Istanbul Expo (4-7 September) on 7 September. Being located in the middle of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia and being a very significant and desired actor of the Halal sector, Turkey invites all its brothers to these events of GİMDES.

There will be 13 speakers in 11th International Halal and Tayyib Products Conference from Indonesia, Malaysia, America, Germany, South Africa, Spain, Middle East, and Turkey on 07 September 2019, CNR exhibition center, 6th Hall.

Dr. Hanı Al MAZEEDI, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, State of Kuwait

Dr. SUKOSO, Head of Halal Product Assurance Organisation Agency (BPJPH), Indonesia

Dr. Muhammad Nadratuzzaman HOSEN, State Islamic University, Jakarta, Indonesia

Muhammad Mazhar HUSSAINI, American Halal foundation, USA

Dr. ADEL SABIR, European Halal Development Agency., UK

Moulana Saeed NAVLAKHI, South African National Halal Authority, SANHA, South Africa

Dr. Halim AYDIN, MÜSİAD Yönetim Kurulu, Turkey

Mohamed MHAMDİ, Halal Food Quality, Spain

Dr.Hasan YETİM, İZU, Turkey

Prof. Dr. İsa YÜCEER, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Turkey

Prof. Dr. Hasan Tahsin FEYİZLİ, Turkey    

Dr. Hüseyin Kâmi BÜYÜKÖZER, GiMDES President, Turkey

Mehmed Zahit BÜYÜKÖZER, GİMDES, Turkey

will  present their studies on the topics listed below:

1. Is Halal Certification necessary in Digital Platforms and Media?

2. The Importance of Education System in Human Resources Development in Halal and Tayyib      Life System

3. Halal and Tayyib Quality Management System as an element of Halal Assurance

4. The Accreditation in Halal and Tayyib Certification

5. The future of Halal products and Halal Certification

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