CNR FOOD Istanbul 2019, in which more than 2000 firms (109 of them were foreign) attended as well as Halal and Tayyib Zone established, has witnessed intense attention from both local and international visitors. 50.000 people from 117 different countries have been in this expo. It is stated that the participating companies in CNR Food Istanbul provided a trade volume of over 3 billion dollars with the business connections they established.


Food Sector Will Run towards Record in CNR FOOD Istanbul in This Year Again


We have called “Bismillah” for the 8th Halal and Tayyib Products Expo and 12th International Halal and Tayyib Products Conference.


Our events will be conducted in the 7th Hall of CNR Food Istanbul on 2-5 September 2020. Therefore, we kindly invite all our brothers and sisters to Istanbul for these significant organizations.


The Islamic world, having 2 billion Muslims, have been increasingly seeking Halal and Tayyib products since the realization of the problem. The same search for Halal has initiated by GİMDES in 2005 by its establishment for Halal and Tayyib Certification and Audits. Events, such as expos and conferences, besides the audits have played a crucial role in raising Halal and Tayyib awareness. With this understanding, GİMDES has organized 11 International Halal and Tayyib Conferences and 7 Halal and Tayyib Expo between 2008-2019.


This year, GİMDES and CNR Expo will be cooperating to organize these events. We believe that Istanbul, being famous for its historical and natural beauties, will fascinate you.


We make a union of forces and hearts with our producers, exporters, sellers, consumers and public bodies in order to realize a 3.8 trillion$ worth Halal market. To be hand by hand, hearth by hearth and shoulder by shoulder, we meet in 600 years old Islamic capital Istanbul. GİMDES Halal Certified Halal and Tayyib Food, Halal and Tayyib Cosmetics, Halal and Tayyib Pharmaceuticals, Halal Tourism, Halal Logistics, Halal Textile, Halal Toys, Halal Leather and Products used in the production of machinery and equipment industry will take place in the expo.

We state that for a healthy generation, the priority is Halal and Tayyib products and it should be so. In order to meet this necessity, we have been organizing expos and conferences and some of them were organized together with CNR. In 2020, once again, we organize our 8th Halal and Tayyib Expo as well as 12th International Halal and Tayyib Conference together with CNR Food Istanbul in 7th Hall on 2-5 September and provide our service to all Muslims all over the world.


12th International Halal and Tayyib Conference


We will also organize our 12th International Halal and Tayyib Products Conference on the same date and in the same venue. Being in the middle of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia and as a very important and sought-after actor of the Halal Market, Turkey invites all to these events.

16 experts from Indonesia, Malaysia, from America, Germany, South Africa, the Philippines, Algeria, Tunisia, France, England, and Turkey will be presenting their subjects in the 12th International Halal and Tayyib Conference. The subjects are as follows:


  • The problems of Halal and Tayyib product manufacturing and trading both in Muslim and Non-Muslim countries as well as possible solutions.
  • The inquiry of the core ingredients used in the medical and cosmetic industry.
  • General situation of Muslims on Halal slaughtering and accelerating the transition to non-shock and manual slaughtering conditions.
  • Potential risks of transgenic and genetically modified additives for Islam and human health.
  • The Importance of Scientific and Vocational Education Mobilization in the Light of Islamic Sciences.


Speakers and other details of the events will be shared in the forthcoming future.






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