(Certificates of the firms that do not accept audits because of the epidemic should temporarily be suspended)

JAKIM, Malaysian Halal Certification authority, has organized a 3-days long virtual convention and GİMDES has attained the convention from its headquarters. There were various Halal Certification Bodies (HCBs) from 46 countries in the meeting. Different topics from Halal certification standards to using technology properly without damaging Islam are discussed between the dates 2-4 September. Attendees had a chance to find answers to their questions either by written format or a live answer by the speakers. Ways to prevent corruption was also mentioned by a touch upon the differences between HCBs. JAKIM has delivered speeches about the updates in their standards. Methods for maintaining the audits during the coronavirus period and the new regulations to prevent wrong practices in order to maintain the reliability of Halal certificates were also included in the convention.

Some results of the convention as follows:

–         Technology should be utilized to the utmost extent in order to develop and secure the Halal certification.

–         Technological developments should be adopted without damaging Islam or the main purpose of the HCBs.

–         All kinds of information should be recorded while respecting the confidentiality agreement and protecting the trade secrets of the firms.

–         The firms holding Halal certificates should maintain hygienic and labor-sensitive working conditions. Without meeting with these requirements, it should not be enough to obtain a Halal certificate even if the product itself is manufactured as Halal.

–         Certificates of the firms that are necessary to conduct audits and do not accept the audits because of the epidemic should temporarily be suspended.

–         New applicants should not be certified until a reliable and physical audit is conducted.


The convention has ended after these decisions, dua’ and the wishes of meeting again. We once again express our sincere gratitude to the organizers of this convention and pray our Rabb to prevent the dirty hands entering the Halal Certification work.