The main purpose of the announcements, which are presented by GIMDES to the manufacturers of food, cosmetic and health products from time to time, is to spread Halal and Tayyib certification to the wider circles. As the main service, GIMDES, which is a surety agency (Kafala Institution) on behalf of Muslim consumers, notifies the requirements of Halal and Tayyib certification of food, cosmetics and health products for producers of food, cosmetics and health products.

A Halal Certificate issued by GIMDES is a guarantee of a certain product that has been fully researched and has been determined to comply with Islamic Food Laws and therefore suitable for the consumption of Muslims. Passing through all these stages, these products are entitled to the right of using our registered Halal Logo.

For now, there are approximately 500 firms with 15000 different product types in the local and international markets with GIMDES Halal and Tayyib Certificates.


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