Since the words Haram and halal, do not work for modernity which enslave us, they have erased them at all levels of our lives. Because information pollution has almost turned our memories into garbage, people have been deprived of useful information. In this regard, they especially targeted our children, our young people, our ladies. They tried to buy our brains and hearts with energy drinks, chips, soft sugars. They laid the foundations of generations that were irresponsible, unaware of the values they believed in, centuries ago.

At the heart of the humiliation that we have fallen for the Ummah today is that we have turned into an uninformed society. Although we must take Islamic measures as a reference in our thoughts, behaviours, and movements; ignorance and the weakness we show in researching the right information have caused us to react unconsciously, wrong, and outside Islamic measures in the events we encounter, especially our foods we consume at all levels of our daily lives.

Western modernity has managed to enter places that it cannot reach with weapons, with economy, with perverted ideas, with fashion, with forbidden food, drinks, cosmetics, drugs, vaccines, tourism, with technology. But it is time for the West’s strong alliance with devil to be broken.

How will this be; we must get rid of these bad conditions by searching for halal at every moment of our lives, especially our food we consume, preferring halal and raising generations in the consciousness of halal bite.

Dr. Hüseyin Kâmi BÜYÜKÖZER