Ali Salah, the head of Halal Correct Certification Institution which is one of the certification institutions recognized by GIMDES, visited GIMDES.

At the meeting, the importance of cooperating in halal certification studies for the sustainability of halal and tayyib nutrition, which Islam has made obligatory for every Muslim, was mentioned.

Institutions warned each other against institutions that followed inappropriate methods in halal certification in their own countries, and advices were given. Doc. Huseyin Kâmi Büyüközer emphasized that as GIMDES, they are always ready to support other institutions if they want to correct themselves in a halal and tayyib understanding and to correct their mistakes.

Chairman of Halal Correct Certification, Ali Salah, expressed that there is a bond of brotherhood based on trust and sincerity towards GIMDES and that he is pleased to be in cooperation with GIMDES.

Dr. Huseyin Kâmi Büyüközer, the chairman of GIMDES, expressed that these feelings are mutual and he is pleased with their visit.

The meeting was concluded by presenting the gifts of GIMDES halal and tayyib certified gift sponsors.

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