Respected Kuwaiti businessman Yousef Abu-Hamrah and his valuable wife visited GIMDES.

They stated that they want to continue the Halal Dunya Markets project in Kuwait with the cooperation of GIMDES and they want to open a branch. Consultation was held on the subject. It was mentioned how important every step to be taken for Muslims to reach halal and tayyib food more easily.

Information was given about the publications of books and magazines prepared to raise awareness of the public. The guests stated that they appreciated the projects of GIMDES and that they wanted to contribute to studies such as Dar’ul Halal Madrasa.

Another issue discussed was Mr. Yousef Abu-Hamrah’s newly founded non-profit organization Daleel Al-Khayr (The Charity Guide) in Kuwait. He explained that there is a guide website that announces the activities of charitable organizations in many fields from fairs to conferences, from tourism to halal product consumption. Mr. Yousef Abu-Hamrah stated that he will also share the activities of GIMDES on this website.

It was emphasized that we should meet each other more frequently and strengthen cooperation, and the difficulties faced by Muslim consumers in their search for halal certified products, and it was emphasized that we should deliver this service to them in a better way.

At the end of the meeting, Başakşehir Halal Dunya Market was visited as an example for the market project to be opened in Kuwait.

The meeting ended with the parties mutually, gifts, prayers and thanks.

News Reporter