Highly Respected Dr. Adel SABIR, one of the speakers of GIMDES International 13th Halal and Tayyib Products Conference, conveyed his congratulations on the fair and conference we held. He stated that GIMDES hosting such an organization was followed with great interest and appreciated. In this context, a certificate of participation in the 13th International Halal and Tayyib Products Conference was presented to Mr. Sabır.

At the meeting, information was given about GIMDES’s Dar’ul Halal Madrasah Project, Halal Dunya Markets project, and book and magazine publications prepared to raise awareness of the public.  Our Esteemed Guest appreciated the projects of GIMDES and stated that the Dar’ul Helal Madrasa Project bi-iznillah will greatly benefit the Ummah of Muhammad, noting that it is a unique project in the world.

In addition to these, it was emphasized that the duty of communiqué (Tabligh), which is one of the main duties of Muslims, should be fulfilled and Islam should be taught in the most correct way to the people in Africa.

We wished that our mutual relations would continue in a strong way and that our brotherhood and unity would be strong in line with the Divine Consent. The meeting ended with gifts, prayers, and thanks.



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