Dr. Huseyin Kâmi Büyüközer

In this project, seeds are not examined. However, in the process from sowing to harvesting of the seed, the inputs used (fertilizer, pharmaceutical chemicals, etc.), the dose and time of use, and the production conditions and procedure are regulated according to certain rules and criteria. In this process, compost fertilizers obtained from the reclamation of urban wastes, organic fertilizers obtained by the reclamation of blood, nails, etc. wastes of slaughterhouses. In other words, the source of the seed and embryo is not asked, it is enough for the fertilizer to be organic, but whether the source is from the pig or the chicken, only the chemical cleaning is controlled.
Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points, which is also developed by these unilateral global institutions, and which is called the most ideal global audit system, is the ‘HACCP food safety’ audit system. This system is a food safety system that inspects institutions that supply ready-to-eat food such as restaurants and retail food outlets such as markets and supermarkets. The HACCP audit system does not question whether meat slaughter in enterprises is started with basmala, nor does it have such a mentality. In meat production, it does not care whether the animal is slaughtered by shedding blood, or whether the meat is taken with stunning killings, but only conducts inspections according to biological, chemical, and environmental cleaning and safety criteria. However, for Muslims, it is an important issue that animal slaughter is carried out with basmala, and that blood is shed after slaughter.
Halal meat production criteria include very specific procedures and rules that are not included in a number of other global and local certification criteria, from the way the animal is slaughtered, starting with the feed, to the wet or dry way of chickens.
* It is seen that the Halal-Haram criteria constitute a safety filter beyond the HACCP food safety system, which is touted to be the most advanced food inspection system of the age, as in the Organic Agriculture Process.
The global criteria do not seem to satisfy the Jews either. Therefore, they produce food products with KOSHER food certificate within the framework of their own sensitivities and offer them to Jewish consumers.
*The strange thing is that Muslim students say that they have to consume KOSHER Certified foods when they cannot find halal certified food in non-Muslim countries such as the United States of America (USA) or European Union (EU) states where they study.
Even this situation is enough to reveal the necessity of Halal Food Certificate for Muslims in international free-moving food products and to some extent it concerns all Muslims and at the same time makes them responsible.
* If so, every believer, every Muslim institution and organization is obliged to do its part in this regard; Today, 2 billion Muslims live in the world. Why don’t they have institutions similar to the ones I mentioned above? Together, we must ask each other this crucial question. The Islamic world, which has been under the control of Western mentality for a hundred years, has to change the life system it has been forced to live in and to create a life system in accordance with the wishes of its own belief system.
The name of this life system will be HALAL AND TAYYIB LIFE SYSTEM in short. Allah (swt) reveals this name in our Book, Qur’ân Al-Kareem. Therefore, the standard of the new living system of the Muslim Ummah will be Halal and Tayyib Living Standard (HTLS).

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