World Halal Forum is done….

Organized conference World Halal Forum 2012 is done on 22.11.2012 by WHC member IDCP (Islamic Da’wah Council of The Philipins).

WHC Patron Dr. Huseyin Kami Buyukozer made a presentation on “Halal is an order of Allah (S.W.T.)” and “Turkey: A Gateway to Europe”.
Various speakers from all over the world make presentations in World Halal Forum such as AHF President Dr. Mazhar Hussaini “Halal Certification, How has American Food Production developed? Dr. Nadratuzzaman Hosen from MUI ” MUI’s participation about Halal matters,” Thailand Chulalongkorn University Halal Science center founder director Winai DAHLAN ” The importance of Science and Technology about Food and non Food Halal standardization and Certification substructure”

WHC execution committee president Sheikh Thafier Najjar, SANHA religious committee president Maulana M. Saeed Navlakhi, WHC General Secretary Mohamed El-Mouelhy, Islamic Food Research Center Malaysia Asia president Abdullah Fahim, Russia Halal Certification Center President Dinar Sadykov made introduction speeches.

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