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GIMDES Group has finished Germany program successfully.

IGMG CONFERENCE BALL HALAL FOOD CONFERENCE VISITATION NURINBERG MUSIAD CENTER HALAL FOOD CONFERENCE IN THE MUNICH MUSIAD CONFERENCE BALL Attendance the meeting of Turkey – Czech Republic Workshop which Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyib Erdogan made a presentation. GIMDES President Dr. Huseyin Kami BUYUKOZER and GIMDES vice president Dr. Halim AYDIN have given a conference […]

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6th International Halal and Healthy Products Conference.

CHASERS OF HALAL PRODUCTS WILL MEET IN ISTANBUL IN SEPTEMBER All our Brothers worldwide are getting together in Istanbul on the occasion of three very important events of Halal and Healthy Products between dates 05-08 September 2013. 1. 11th Annual General Meeting of World Halal Council (WHC) 2. 6th International Halal and Healthy Products Conference […]

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You are welcome to visit Halal and Healthy Products Exhibition and Conference in Istanbul!

We invite all Muslims to Istanbul for three important events on Halal between dates 05-08 September 2013. • 6th International Halal and Healthy Products Turkey Conference • 4th International Halal and Healthy Products Exhibition • 11th WHC (WORLD HALAL COUNCIL) Annual General Meeting GIMDES and CNR FUARCILIK will be hosting these events. For decades, Muslims […]

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World Halal Forum is done….

Organized conference World Halal Forum 2012 is done on 22.11.2012 by WHC member IDCP (Islamic Da’wah Council of The Philipins). WHC Patron Dr. Huseyin Kami Buyukozer made a presentation on “Halal is an order of Allah (S.W.T.)” and “Turkey: A Gateway to Europe”. Various speakers from all over the world make presentations in World Halal […]

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GIMDES is in Philippines for WHC Congress…

Today is the second day in Philippines, Manila. We gather in here as WHC’s Halal food volunteers. Almost forty representatives come from USA, Canada, Europe countries, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, Russia, China, Vietnam, Turkey, Philippines. Today also some of them will some. They said us that to send our warm greetings to Turkish Halal volunteers. […]

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WHC 10th General Committee Meeting will be hold on 21-24 November in the capital of Philippines, Manila…

10th General committee meeting will be hold with the important agenda on 21-24 November in the capital of Philippines, Manila. Patron of WHC and GIMDES President Dr. H.K. Büyüközer and GIMDES the member of administrative body and WHC Executive Committee vice-president M. GEDIKLI will attend to the Congress from Turkey. Before the congress, local Halal […]

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Reflection after 5th International Halal and Healthy Conference

A sincere confession. Do we give to enough pay attention to Haram-Halal? I don’t think so… To be honest, when we go to the market, we preferred to discount products than halal certified products until the Conference which GIMDES is organized. Alhamdolillah, after the conference, at least we have started to behave more sensitive about […]

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GIMDES was invited to Hotel Putrajaa Malesia.

“Conference of Recognized Foreign Halal Certification Bodies” GIMDES was invited for Jakim Recognized Foreign Halal Certification Bodies Conference, which was held at Marriott Hotel Putrajaya-Kuala Lumpur on 13-14 Sep. 2012. Director M. Zafer GEDIKLI was attended to that conference on behalf of GIMDES.

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GIMDES was invited to the international events in Thailand on 4-6 September. Mr. Zafer Gedikli, International Relations Director of GIMDES, has attended the the conference and made a presentation on How to improve Halal Standards for encourage Muslim Tourists. The attendance countries are Turkey, USA, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, China, Palistine, Holland, South Africa, […]

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The 5th International Conference on Halal and Healthy Products under GİMDES will be held in Holiday Inn Hotel Ballroom, Istanbul, on Saturday, 1st of September 2012. This year in the conference, there will be 4 sessions which will address the issues and solutions to the Muslim community’s search for Halal products, which can be considered […]