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Halal and Tayyib product sector will be in the 6th hall under the leadership of GİMDES on 4-7 September. Because of newcomer exhibitors who want to degenerate the demand of Halal and Tayyib product which is an indispensable belief-based issue of Muslims, we could not organize an expo that gathers all our firms, that produce Halal and Tayyib products, for 3 years. Following our conversation with CNR Expo, they informed us that we can attend as a separate sector in CNR Food Istanbul. In this way, we decided to attend this expo with the slogan “We bring our public together with Halal and Tayyib products”.

We share the information of participating firms to this expo until now and we make our last call to those firms that have not participated yet.

According to information provided by the authorities from CNR Food Istanbul Expo;

CNR Expo, the center of the global trade, will organize the greatest food expo of Turkey between 4-7 September 2019 and opens its doors to support domestic production as well as increasing the export growth rate of the participants. Being the largest commercial power of the sector, CNR Food Istanbul aims to increase the total business volume of the expo by 20% of the previous year which was 2.5 billion.

CNR Food Istanbul, which 1800 major brands of the sector attending, extended its product groups in order to attract more foreign capital. More than 45 thousand buyers from 90 countries are expected to attend this expo which aims to spread its trade-web from the Middle East to Europe and from Asia to America.

Around 1000 representatives of foreign firms will participate in the procurement committee.

CNR Food Istanbul that major food companies will attend is expected to provide great opportunities for exporting companies. Approximately 1000 foreign firm representatives from 60 countries, which Poland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Czechia, Turkmenistan, Albania, Italy, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Cyprus, Qatar, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia are some of them, will attend the events of procurement committee and conduct B2B conversations. The organization will take place in 80 thousand m² and it will attract great attention from international food wholesalers, chain markets, retailers and distributors.