Fairs News


Dr. Hüseyin Kâmi BÜYÜKÖZER

We are publishing our latest letter that we have written with the aim of encouraging the fair participation of our companies that produce products with GIMDES HALAL AND TAYYIB Certificate.

”We announced in January with our article https://www.gidaraporu.com/fuarimiz-tuyap_g.htm that WE WILL MEET AT TÜYAP WORLDFOOD ISTANBUL FAIR ON 3-6 SEPTEMBER 2024. International Food Products and Technologies Fair – WorldFood Istanbul will host more than 900 buyers from 80 countries on 3-6 September 2024, with the participation of 1500 companies. This year, GIMDES will take part in the designated area together with Halal and Tayyib Certified companies.

As you can appreciate, fairs, which were the first indispensable example in world economic history, later evolved into international festivals and fairs and reached today’s system. Today, whether he works within the country or operates internationally, he has to consider the need to be involved in these two corporate activities in order to improve his position.

Participating in the international food fair WorldFood Istanbul is an effective way to increase sales, promote products and gain new customers by communicating directly with numerous representatives from retail chains and food wholesale businesses interested in purchasing food products.

The fair is the ideal environment for you to explore the Turkish food industry, connect with key industry figures and buyers, and promote your products in an exciting new market. WorldFood Istanbul is the perfect platform for companies to increase sales and acquire new customers in a $1 billion market. World Food Istanbul represents the entire food and beverage industry, including all major sectors.

Our companies that have received certification from GIMDES in the fair area will be together in the area reserved for GIMDES and in areas separated by sectors, in a total area of ​​more than 2700 square meters. Our companies in the categories of Halal and Tayyib Food, Halal and Tayyib Cosmetics, Halal and Tayyib Pharmaceuticals will take part in our fair.

The broad participation of our valued Halal and Tayyib certified product follower brothers and sisters at the fair, which has privileges such as ease of transportation and high participant and visitor statistics from Türkiye and many different countries of the world, is a must for every official who wants the Halal Tayyib products industry to grow. This support activity will lead to the realization of our independent Halal and Tayyib Fair as soon as possible.

We pray to our Lord Almighty that our fair will be beneficial.”