The necessity of Halal and Tayyib Products

1-The necessity of Halal Life and Halal Product for Muslims
Almighty Allah (SWT), in many verses, has commanded all mankind, believers, and all the prophets to consume halal and tayyib food and to move away from everything that is dirty, harmful, ugly, and forbidden.
O mankind, eat from whatever is on earth [that is] lawful and good and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy. (2:168)
HALAL is an indispensable condition for the Muslim’s standard live. Living in the Halal circle for Muslim from birth to death is the most important aim. One of the most important ring of this aim is HALAL bite. For this reason, Halal food, Halal drink, Halal Bite Halal lifestyle is a matter of faith.

2-Troubles in Modernity Products
Nowadays, the biggest problem in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors is that the production of these products is dependent on non-Muslim forces on the basis of technology, additives raw materials. The more important is the global mafia’s role in these sectors. These forces have arms and legs in every country. They just thinking how to win by exploiting people. The worse is in the Jewish mafia, we have to know that within the teachings of the Talmud, which is the source books created by the distortion of the Torah, the other races do not value humanity, must be killed, and their generations must be exploited.

3-The necessity of Halal and Tayyib standard
Besides the halal haram issue, a word that needs to be carefully considered is the word “Tayyib”. Tayyib is mentioned as quality standards of food and other products. So, Allah give the believers the good and clean things and ordered them to be thankful and to worship.

4-Obligation of certification
Today, in the industrialized countries, people are forced to eat ready-to-eat food that are subjected to complicated processes, instead of the classic foods and beverages directly obtained from nature.
Unfortunately, food industry is under the control and domination of the West, as in other industries. This control is prevailing on everything from factory establishment to manufacturing technology and raw materials.
Today, Islamic countries continue to work with formula and technology from the West, various biscuits, chocolates, confectionery, coca cola, and many others, and this factories are under the supervision of foreign experts.
The world today is directed to the global organization such as; “Food and Agriculture: FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization), Healthy: WHO (World Health Organization), Political: UN (United Nations), Security: NATO (North Atlantic Pact) Economy: IMF (International Monetary Fund), Judiciary: ICC (International Criminal Court), Environment, UNEP (World Environment Program) etc.
With the criteria and standards set by these institutions, people have been forced to commit a large part of their lives. Later, these institutions and standards will continue to increase, and they will continue to determine food, lifestyles and conditions for all people in the world. These globalization problems bring the important of cultural and belief systems.
For this, we have to be responsible for redesigning all production resources, all production processes and technologies. From the seed to the embryo, from the farm to the table, it is inevitable to control each step of the process with the halal mark. So, in order to solve these kind of challanges, GIMDES started their scervices.

5-GIMDES establishment aim
Because of modernity, the continuous production system, using different food additives and new technology process, there are many queries about the Halalness of these Products. As Muslims in Turkey and as Muslim Ummah we have to know how we can control these products. And for this aim GIMDES has been established. GIMDES started Halal certification from 2009. GIMDES and other Halal Certification Bodies in the world are performing this task for the benefit of Muslim’s Ummah under the willing of both producers and sellers by control, check and auditing and then give a certificate under a responsibility concept.

6-Needs umbrella organizations in the world
The world must work to establish a unified umbrella organization in line with the mission of “One Voice Full Unity” for reliable halal certification institutions. All members of this organization shall work with the concept of the responsibility.

7-WHC (World Halal Council)
With halal certification and accreditation process, the international acceptance and recognition is very important in halal certification. There is an umbrella organization named WORLD HALAL COUNCIL formed by Halal Certification Bodies from about 40 countries in order to contribute to the unity of Halal certification in the international platform.

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