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What are we waiting for?

No way pork meat on supermarket shelves!!

Breaking to keeping silence!..

The importance of pork issue should understand anymore !..

We are descendants of our glorious ancestors who have fought with crusaders during thousand years and because of that I feel ashamed to talk about pork meat in this country, which is % 99 Muslims.
Pork meat becomes easily found on the market shelves!..

As GIMDES, we have announced that changing of Food Codex by the Ministry of Agriculture to make a big scandal since 2005; While there are fugitive swine farms, fugitive slaughterhouses and fugitive swine meat products manufacture, millions kilograms fugitive meat import from abroad, updated food codex has prepared for European Union congruity. In this new food codex, swine, horse, rabbit, camel meat has updated to red meat status except ostrich and ground game animals.

At the end of the updated status of pigs, horses, rabbits as butcher animals, absolutely it will become easily to find in the markets. We have announced our objections to the public opinion since the first day.

The fact that 1 million swine has slaughtered and distribute to market, and Muslim community remains silent until now. We must be ashamed of this situation and think over so much. As a result of this silence, there is a convenience of using swine meat in the production, consume and numerical increase.
As GIMDES, we have informed the public opinion regarding prepared food codex for European Union about the updated position of pig, horse and rabbit meat to butcher red meat since 2005. Our objections have been ongoing many years. The current point about this issue shows our being right.

You would find many articles about our objections about the pig in Turkish language in GIMDES website.

When we examine a pig’s life, we see that although it isn’t allowed in Islam, there are some attractive aspects to producers and sellers.

There is a fact in pig breeding that it doesn’t need pasture, and it can live on dead animals remains and excrement. Even it can eat its own excrement. For this reason, pig breeding is much cheaper. Sexual behaviors are different that cattle, sheep, goats or other animals.

Can pig meat understandable?

We can understand pork meat in three ways.

Color, smell and shape differences may give a chance to understand.

Pork meat is usually a light pink color and pork fat is clearer. However, the beef color can turn from dark red to dark pink color depending on the age. The boneless meat is similar to beef, and it is difficult to distinguish. If they didn’t make a separation fat layer on pig meat, it appears somewhat fat layer. It can be understood with smelling. There is a heavy meat smell which is totally different what we have accustomed. Pork meat is easily understandable, when seeing as a whole.

Pork can give birth 1-3 times in a year. It farrows 5-20 times depending on the type. It can reach 90-100 kg in a few months and when it becomes adulthood, it becomes 150 kg. An adult pig has %30 – %50 fat of its weight. This animal eats almost everything, including garbage. Due to its high resistance, there is no need to be hygenic or sanitary in their live environment. These advantages for non-religious people are encouraged to establish pig farms.

The main products of pigs are gelatin, lipids (fatty acids), insulin, heart valves, heparin, skin, etc.

Sliced meats are sold in butcher and markets. Pig meat and other meat cut with same knives, and we will encounter pig meat in the markets. Slaughterhouse owners, butchers, producers, restaurant operators, consumers must be warned about this contamination.

There is around 1 million pig slaughter legally or illegally, so every component of these pigs can encounter unconsciously and without any information.

Conservative Muslims intensely avoid from Haram products, but Haram contaminated products can be easily available in their houses. These components can directly be in salami, sausage, pepperoni, ham, brush, soap, and we consume without any notice. Even these products are getting the important element of our diet. People who care about Halal and Haram materials are obliged to investigate many products on the market shelves.

The most important solution is Muslim consumers shouldn’t remain silent about this dangerous situation. They have to avoid from their long-time silence. When the awareness and consciousness are increased, no one can force to sell any pork or its components.

As you can see from news today, Pork meat sales are now at the nearest point of Muslims. This is embarrassing situation. Please break our silence anymore. Let’s give a reaction to this circumstance, which is absolutely against to Muslim Halal life standard.