Dr. Hüseyin Kâmi BÜYÜKÖZER

“..A butcher here hangs your certificate on the wall even though his certificate has expired and sells it saying he is GIMDES certified.”

Not a day goes by without us receiving such messages from our volunteer brothers.

Today, in a world that has become global under the command of a capitalist world system, people of various races, colors and beliefs have had to live with this system while struggling with this process from within.

Various societies have had to create regulations, specifications and certificates so that members of society can live in accordance with their beliefs during this process.

Today, we can talk about 3 major societies in the world society that are divided due to their beliefs. The Islamic Society, the Jewish Society and Hindus and vegans. These belief groups try to reach their followers living in various parts of the world by making agreements with manufacturers in order to protect their followers.

GIMDES has also created a protection line for people who want to continue their lives in the Halal and Tayyib life system by complying with this global system with the Halal and Tayyib Certification and logo system.

The most important of these is the GIMDES HALAL AND TAYYIB LOGO. While filtering from our ready logo. It is very important to ensure the unity and security of this logo. All the necessary conditions for this have been taken under legal guarantee. Let’s start reading our specifications in the light of this information.

1. Companies must fulfill their responsibility to use the halal logo within the framework of consumer rights.

2. The logo certificate is delivered to the company by GIMDES when it enters into force.

3. During the packaging designs of companies, no optional color, text and shape changes can be made on the GIMDES patented logo. (If the company has a special request for color, changes can only be made with the condition of obtaining permission from GIMDES.)

4. If the company requests that the four sects are not indicated in the logos, the sect names can be removed from the packaging logos of companies that are only suitable for all sects.

5. The company cannot use the halal logo delivered by GIMDES for its brands and products outside the scope specified in the certificate.

6. The company can use the halal logo only for its products within the scope of the certificate in the areas of media promotion such as website, advertisement, company declaration, marketing etc.

7. The logo is a sign given to the product and is used exclusively on the final packaging of the product.

8. All liability arising from the use of the logo after the certificate becomes invalid for any reason or outside the purpose and scope of its issuance belongs to the company. Within the scope of this liability, the company is obliged to remove the logo from all packaging for the canceled products.