Malaysian delegation visit GIMDES for Cooperation

Mr. Amin Fahmi the Deputy Secretary General of Malaysian Islamic Chamber of Commerce (DPIM) and Nik Yusoff, Supreme Council Member (Global Halal), DPIM has been visited GIMDES with three companies representatives; Saudagar Kitchen Sdn. Bhd., Suci Harumatiques Sdn Bhd., and QI Consultants Sdn Bhd.

The aime of the visit were:

  1. To discuss on Halal Certification/Management
  2. To establish long term strategic partnership
  3. To explore opportunity for Halal Industry (comprises of products and services and to name a few industry; Food & Beverage; Medical & Health)

As GIMDES, we share the same idea with our visitors as the Halal certification system intends to unite under a single roof under the control of Muslims in the world.

GIMDES and  Malaysian Islamic Chamber of Commerce agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding for increase the level of cooperation in Halal sector.

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