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Halal Dunya Market’s aspirants are increasing

Halal Dunya Market’s aspirants are increasing

Halal Dunya Market’s applicants are increasing.

Halal World Markets are wanted to see in Europe and America as well.

The entrepreneurs of Halal Dunya markets are increasing for being the chain of.

The entrepreneurs from Sweden and Germany have come to GIMDES to get knowledge. In the meeting, the information about terms&condition of Halal Dunya Markets is given by GIMDES President Dr. Huseyin Kami BUYUKOZER.

At the same time, the entrepreneurs send email and request knowledge from all over the world.

The knowledge about Halal Dunya Markets is mentioned below for the person who would like to be the part of the chain.

Terms & Conditions for International Halal Dunya Market application

1. The Muslim who obeys the orders and prohibition of Islamic rules.

2. To have a passion for contributing halal and healthy products to all people.

3. Only sell the products which GIMDES gives permission.

4. Employed staff have to live Islamic living.

5. Every member of Halal Dunya Market chain must regard as a family or a brother in domestic or International.

6. The entrepreneur always has to allow GIMDES Audit.

7. Market regulations, shelf system, package and labeling must regard as GIMDES standards.

8. Working clothes of personnel, which offered by GIMDES must be worn during the working time.

9. There must be a prayer place for staff.

10. The staff choose and train would be handled by GIMDES.

11.The entrepreneur is responsible for supplying and stocking the products.

12. After considering the whole system, the costing makes.

13. Market cleaning must carry out carefully.

14. Expiration date of products have to check carefully.

15. The owner of market has to control market account.

16. The entrepreneur has to depend upon central storage and distribution system, which will be set up by agreement.

17. The entrepreneur will be the part of this chain, after the contract which mentions this terms&condition is signed.