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We congratulate World Halal Day

We wish that 17th Ramadan gives an opportunity for avoiding to revolt from Allah (SWT) and maintain our life with Halal and Tayyib products.

We hope World Halal Day will remind us Halal slice responsibility. It also contributes to become our life as Halal life. This will help to us more approach towards Halal slice. We give World Halal Day like a gift to all Muslims Ummah as World Halal Council Members.

How is World Halal Day determined?!..

Suratul Anfal 69th verse is very important for us as the first Halal content verse revealed to Muslims. This verse is revealed during Badr Battle, which was the first battle between Muslims and disbelievers on 17th Ramadan Hijri 624;

In this verse Allah (SWT) mentioned:

So consume what you have taken of war booty [as being] lawful and good, and fear Allah. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

If we want to establish healthy and more aware Muslims community, we have to start from to what is haram and what is halal in our consume and services.

Jabir RA reported, Allah’s Messenger PBUH said, “That flesh will not enter Paradise which has grown from Haram, and all that flesh which has grown from Haram, the fire (of hell) is more worthy of it.” (Ahmed, Darimi, Baihaqi)

Abu Hurayrah (RA) reports that the Prophet of Allah (PBUH) said, “A time will come upon the people wherein a man will not bother what he intakes; whether from Halal source or Haram.” (Bukhari)

Halal and Tayyib Products has been great treated around 100 years so it has become one of the important duties for Muslims to seek of it. We have celebrated World Halal Day for four years to spread awareness and remind about that. We will celebrate with magnificent programs this year again.

If we want to become and to find Tayyib (good) people around us, we should care to earn on Halal way and consume Halal and Tayyib products.

May Allah gives propitious, health and peace in these blessed Ramadan days.