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The terminology of HALAL foods in Islam must not only confine or complying to cleanliness and hygienic in its quality but also the contents of the foods must be compliance to the Islamic standards which is mentioned in the Al Quran and Hadiths.

The terminology of HARAM foods in Islam means the foods are not only being produced non hygienic and cleanliness in its quality, but the contents of the foods are non complying to the principle stipulated in the Quran or Hadiths.

General Qur’anic guidance dictates that all foods are Halal except those that are specifically mentioned as Haram (unlawful or

“Haram foods means impermissible or unlawful foods in Islam.”

-An application form is to be completed by the company interested in GIMDES certification providing all the required necessary details of the company, plant and products.

-Once the completed application is received; the GIMDES Board review the information details and then contact the company to arrange for an initial audit inspection. If there is necessity, some kind of complementary document can request

-After evaluation and assessment of the documents,the GIMDES drafts an agreement contract outlining the provisions and terms of GIMDES monitoring and certification. This contract will specify the requirements, provisions and obligations of both parties. Additionally, the Halal Manual must be filled by Muslim Internal Halal Coordinator.

-Once the company in concern has signed the agreement contract and submitted it to our office, the GIMDES deploy full time inspector(s) at the facility who will personally and physically witness the process.

-Submit their company folder to technical committee and Fiqh committee

-The issue of Halal Certificate

-Inspections of the certified COMPANY will be audited at least 2 times in a year by the GİMDES field representatives and monitors in order to monitor compliance with the terms of the contract.

-GIMDES certified companies list on our website and newsletters


1.If the company request to get Halal Certificate, they have to set up a system which guarantees that Halal production will be ongoing up to at the end of the Halal Certificate deadline. This system calls as Halal Assurance System (HAS).

2.The Halal Assurance System has to be written and documented as Halal Manual.

3.HAS Manual should be documented separately from other quality systems.

4.HAS has to be socialized to all stakehoders in the company

5.HAS is compulsory requirement (prerequisite) for Halal Certification Process

The requirements for showing Halal status of substances are the following:

1.Halal Certificates from recognised Halal Certification bodies which shows that the source of animal/animal derived materials are suitable.

2. Detail analyzes information, which includes the additives for fermented products.

3.0riginal source of materials (starting materials)

4.Production process which shows the flow of the production.

5. All additives must appear on the packaging label.

6. Laboratory analysis if necessary.

1. Mission Statement:
The mission of Holol Program of GIMDES is to assure a professional service and excellence in certifying, monitoring, and promoting Halal food and consumer products in accordance with Islamic law (Shariah) and thereby protecting the rights of Muslim cansumer to only consume that which is lawful (Halal) and good (Tayyab). The members of Halal Program of GIMDES have been empowered and charged by the Muslims living in Turkey through their contributed resources to carry out the mission of the Halal Program.

2. Halal Program Logo and Label:
The logo and lobel af the Halal Program provides o local, regional, national, and international guarantee of the product status as Halal, thereby offering the Muslim consumer a complete peace of mind.

3. Gaverning Principles:
a) The Halal Program of GIMDES is setup for the purposes of providing Halal food and consumer product monitoring services and ossociated obligotion to the world wide Muslim community (Ummoh).
b) The Holal Program of G/MDES sholl be legitimate, credible, occountable,transporent, and independent in the delivery of the services to the Muslim community.
c) The Halal Program of GIMDES ensures all its officers make a declaration of ony material interest in any organization seeking endorsement or certification for the promotion of Halal products through
the Halal Program of GIMDES.
d) The Halal Program of GIMDES shall be open to scrutiny at allievels.

4. Civil Rights:
a) Halal Program of GIMDES does not discriminate against any applicant or participant for
reasons of race, color, nationalorigin, age, sex, or handicap.
b) GIMDES publicizes the availability of its program and the non-discriminatory policy through
appropriate mechanism such as “Halal Trends” Newsletter, and other channels of communicotions.
c) Halal Program regulations and guidelines are considered public information and are made available
to the public, if requested.

There are minimum six categories of food/drink whlch are prohibited :
O Dead meat or carrion,
O Swlne and all products and ingredients derived from swine,
O Flowing ar congealed blood,
O Food immolate unto Idols,
O lntoxicants af all types including alcahol and drugs,
O Carnivorous animals with fangs and birds of prey with sharp c1aws.

Utilization {Intifa’}
O Anything derived from pig is haram, even though in small amount of materials
O Anything derived from halal animal is halal if it’s derived from halal dhabiha
O Anything derived from blood is haram, even thaugh it’s derived from halal animal

Transformatian {istihalah}
O There is no istihalah regarding with whole body af pig
O lstihalah is only implemented when khamr (wine) become vinegar

l)Application For Halal Supervision And Certification (ahsc-001-p)
2)Application For Halal Supervision And Certification (ahsc-001-m)
3)Plant Inspection Requirements (pir-002)
4)Standard Operating Procedure For Obtaining Halal Slaughter Certification (sops-003)
5)Standard Operating Procedure For Obtaining Halal Product Certification (sopp-004)
6)Inspection Report of Slaughter Plant (irsp-005)
7)lnspection Report Of Product Plant (irpp-006)
8)Agreement Between The Producer And Halal Certfier (aphc-007)
9)Halal Slaughter Certificate(hsc-008)
lO)Halal Product Certificate(hpc-009)
11)Application For Registration Of Halal Slaughterman(arhs-010)
l2)Halal Certification Board (hcb-011)

The terminology of HARAM foods in Islam means the foods are not only being produced non hygienic and cleanliness in its quality, but the contents of the foods are non complying to the principle stipulated in the Quran or Hadits.