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GIMDES Attended 2. HALAL MIDDLE EAST International Halal Food Show and Congress

GIMDES representative M. Z. GEDİKLİ attended to 2nd. HALAL MIDDLE EAST conference as guest speaker in Sharjah. 2nd. Halal Food Show and Halal Congress Middle East took place in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and these events took place at the same complex concurrently.

On the first day of congress, the grand opening and protocol speeches took place. The president of UAE Chamber of Commerce, government officials, Prof. Dr. Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu and Grand Mufti of Pakistan Rafi Usmani gave their speeches.

On the second day, the discussions on halal matters took place in three sessions. The importance of branding in halal products, Halal Tourism and Halal Standards topics were discussed. Mr. Gedikli presented his topic in Halal Tourism session. During this session, the director of a 3 chain hotel group presented their hotels. In his presentation, the director emphasized that these 3 hotels are conforming to Islamic regulations and they are very tedious on not allowing alcoholic beverages instead they would offer nonalcoholic beer and nonalcoholic wine to their customers.

GİMDES representative Mr. Gedikli draw the red lines of GİMDES on the matter of non-alcoholic beverages’ service in halal tourism.