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We had previously made news based on the news that Starbucks, which supports israel, had entered an economic crisis and had to close its branches in many countries, and now the news that Coca Cola’s sales rate has decreased in Türkiye has started to appear in the news headlines. The boycott campaign launched against Coca Cola, one of the biggest supporters of Israel, the terrorist state that has killed thousands of innocent people in Gaza, has begun to yield results. The company, which once boasted of being the most consumed Coca Cola after water consumed in the world, will have a sales volume of 5.1% in Türkiye in 2023 on an annual basis; It decreased by 21.8% in the fourth quarter.

The terrorist state of israel has brutally murdered more than 23 thousand civilians in Gaza, indiscriminately, including children, women, and the elderly, since October 7. Thousands of Gazans were driven from their homes and displaced. The genocide policy carried out by the zionists in Palestine received a great reaction from the people of the world, even though the world state administrators preferred to remain silent. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in dozens of countries and condemned israeli terrorism. Boycott campaigns were also launched against companies that declared support for israel. In Türkiye, non-governmental organizations held dozens of rallies and marches. GIMDES also organized a boycott campaign with the slogan “BOYCOTT UNTIL QIYAMAH” in front of the markets selling the products of brands originating from israel and expressing support for israel, and it continues with all its excitement. CONTINUE THE BOYCOTT until all products, producers and sellers of zionist origin are destroyed!