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GIMDES proudly announce that the products of the following companies have been granted Halal certification for the first time.
Cebeci Süt Ürünleri—- Milk and Dairy Products
Cirav Gıda —-Hazelnut and Hazelnut products
Seçkin Peynircilik — Milk and Dairy Products
Ayan Tarım —- Flour
Selehattin Kemerli Konserve —- Canned Fish
Dr. Tavuk Organik Gıda – Sakarya —- Chicken (whole and parts)
Yayla Akar Et —- Slaughterhouse for Red meat
As per GIMDES regulations, the first certificates are given for one year and extensions (renewals) are 2 years.
The following companies have renewed their certificates for products shown.

Bak Piliç —-Chicken (whole and part)
İtina Gıda —- Red Meat products (Minced meat and meatballs)
Sayınlar Gıda —-Olive oil and sunflower oil
Vittamin Dondurma —- Ice Cream
Dört Mevsim Et Mamülleri —- Meatballs
Kahramanmaraş Kervan Pastanesi (Alpedo) —-Ice cream and Sorbet
Eksun Gıda —- Wheat flour
Ticaret Sanayi Kontuarı (Kristal Yağ) —-Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil
Pak Gıda —-Yeast (Dry and Wet)
Şifa Zeytinyağları —- Olive, Olive Oil
Gedik Tavukçuluk —- Chicken (whole and parts)
Bolu Kalite Yem (Bolca Hindi) ——– Turkey (whole and parts)