The Sudanese Halal Goods and Services Council delegations, who have visited GIMDES, were welcomed on 01.04.2021. GIMDES and the Sudanese delegation exchanged ideas by conducting on-site audit together.
Following the audit, a meeting took place between Sudanese Committee and GIMDES in GIMDES HQ and both of the HCBs introduced themselves in detail. The presentation of the Sudanese Halal Goods and Services Council was a great pleasure and honor for all GIMDES family.
During the meeting; the challenges in Halal certification, alternative solutions to these challenges and the size of the responsibility undertaken in this service as well as the conditions required for cooperation were mentioned.
GIMDES and Sudanese Halal Goods and Services Council have initiated the process of mutual recognition. Related recognition covers the cooperation in Halal certification, training programs, Halal standards, information exchange and R&D studies.
The meeting was concluded with mutual goodwill wishes and prayers. The two institutions have emphasized the need to stay in touch.
We ask Allah (SWT) make this visit Khair for all Muslim Ummah.