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Dr. Hüseyin Kâmi BÜYÜKÖZER

NEWS FROM THE KAABA: I am sharing with you an e-mail sent by Mehmet Zahid BÜYÜKÖZER, one of the founding members of GİMDES, who was in Mecca for the Umrah worship.

“Since I just acquired this information, I felt obliged to share it. All of the New Balance brand shoes, which have become fashionable lately and are frequently preferred by conservative segments, contain pork products.

Although models with suede or leather details are already used in the form of pigskin, they said that all other models also contain pork products in the adhesive material.

Another company that uses pig-sourced materials in its products is the Skechers brand. We contacted the Turkish factory of the Skechers brand, but they gave very irritable and vague answers. I sent the necessary e-mail to UK e-mail, a response will be received within 10 business days.”

This issue is not new for GİMDES. We have tried to keep this issue on the agenda with the articles we have published on our websites several times since 2005. Here we include a part of one of our articles:

”Sakarya University Faculty of Theology, Department of Islamic Law, Associate Professor. Hacı Ahmet Günal stated that it is not right to wear pigskin shoes.

Günal said: “Some clergy say there is no harm in it, but there are clear verses in the Quran about pigs. According to our religion, shoes made of pigskin can only be worn when absolutely necessary. “These shoes should not be worn unless there is any necessity.” The newspaper in which this news was made was Hürriyet newspaper. After making this news, they added the poisonous comments of 120 of his readers. When we read this news, we supported our teacher and published our articles on our websites.

Let us end our article by re-reporting our fiqh source on this subject.

Question: Is it permissible to wear clothes and use other items made of pigskin?

There are some animals that it is not possible to benefit from their meat, skin or any of their parts. Imam Shafii counts pigs and dogs in this class. No part of it may be used in any way.

For Abu Hanifa, only the pig is in the same position. Even if it is killed within religious standards and its skin is tanned, it cannot be used. Because it is itself an impure animal. According to the Hanafi sect, pork cannot be bought or sold among Muslims and nothing of it can be used. Yes, pork skin is not clean with dabaghat. Because a pig, whether dead or alive, is impure in itself, with all its parts and organs. He refuses to be cleaned. If a person performs prayer with more than one dirham of pig hair on him, his prayer will not be permissible. If a pig’s hair falls into a little water, it makes the water impure. In this sense, clothes, bags, shoes and gloves made from pig skin; all kinds of brushes made of bristles; It is not permissible to consume, produce or sell all kinds of additives obtained from the parts and parts of pigs, whether or not they have been subjected to chemical change, and all kinds of food, medicine and cosmetic products produced by adding these substances. Those who commit these actions are committing haram.