The times when muslims are most sensitive and caught off guard are when they are sick .In such cases, our patient usually takes her breath in front of some people who are doctors. She expects help from these people to cure her pain, suffering and illness.

Today , unfortunately, instead of expecting healing from Allah, we have come to expect it from the servants of Allah and some substances called medicine.When we wake up from an illness or a surgery, we immediately say “l owe my life to such and such a doctor.” We use expressions like “such and such a doctor saved my life” or “such and such a medicine brought me back to life.” If you pay attention to these expressions, a religious mistake is made without realizing it. It is only Allah who gives life and heals. There is a danger of committing polytheism by attributing this power to the servants of Allah.

Another important issue is that today, the majority in the pharmaceutical industry is in the hands of non – muslims, cosmopolitans and the heedless. That’s why muslims face great dangers. If we list the most important of these dangers:
First: As documented in various newspapers and magazines, the western imperialist powers that control this pharmaceutical industry test many of their drugs on our patients through the networks they have purchased in islamic countries like ours , and frankly use us as guinea pigs.
Secondly: Since these factories do not have islamic beliefs and concerns, on the contrary, some of them have anti – islamic thoughts and actions, they use many substances that are forbidden by our religion in medicines without hesitation and even willingly.

For example, the drug called tranon is made from the extract of the goiter gland (thyroid gland) of the pig . Vidaylin syrup given to children contains 5 grams of alcohol in one liter. Capsules used in medicines are made of gelatin. Pig bones and skins are still mostly used in the production of gelatin. Even though some contemporary fetwa writers claim that pork is halal, even if it is made from pork, it is better for muslims to stay away. Unfortunately, many skin ointments and creams contain lard. It is possible to list many more drugs. A doctor brother of ours, who is on the way to becoming a specialist, stated that there were unimaginable problems in this regard and that, after the checks he carried out, he could only prescribe around 50 drugs out of thousands of drugs.
After all these explanations, I would like to mention a few hadiths of our prophet here.
“Undoubtedly, Allah has sent down both the disease and the medicine that cures it.” ”’He created a cure for every disease. So treat yourself, do not treat yourself with what is haram.”
(Ebu Davud)

Undoubtedly, Allah SWT has not made your healing in things that she has forbidden for you.
(Bukhari, ibn Mes’ud it has been narrated.)

To protect ourselves against all this:
The first step should be to try to find a muslim doctor who fears Allah SWT, secretly and openly, in our diseases. This is not enough, we also need to try to subject the drugs to examination and examination. In order to be even safer, it would be appropriate to try to use the treatment method with medicinal plants first.