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Dr. Hüseyin Kâmi BÜYÜKÖZER

Chrislam was endorsed and formalized at the 7th Congress of the Leaders of World and Traditional Religions of the Human Fraternity document created by Pope Francis of the Vatican and funded and supported by Mohamed bin Zayed from the UAE… (from the world press)

The closing statement of the congress, which was attended by over 108 religious and world leaders (!) underscored the historical significance of the Human Fraternity Document, stressing that it helps promote peace, dialogue and mutual respect among people.

Held on 14th and 15th September at the Kazakh capital, Nur-Sultan, under the title “The Role of the Leaders of World and Traditional Religions in the Spiritual and Social Development of Human Civilisation in the Post-Pandemic Period”, the event saw the participation of Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, President of Kazakhstan, Dr. Ahmed el-Tayyeb and Pope Francis.

The Vatican, who has masterfully carried out the protective role of the imperialist powers, which has brought blood, death, oppression, hunger and despair to humanity throughout history, has now placed and activated the functional political, religious and financial framework on which Pope Francis and One World Religion will work, making it a false image for the entire humanity of the world. offers. Pope Francis may die tomorrow, but his sedition will live on until the end of time. Of course, all this prophetic (!) fulfillment could not have taken place without his very generous patron and backer, Mohamed bin Zayed.

The world religious leaders adopted the Human Fraternity Document signed by His Eminence the Grand Imam of Al Azhar and Chairman of the Muslim Council of Elders, Dr. Ahmed el-Tayyeb, and His Holiness Pope Francis of the Catholic Church. These efforts of the west behind the Vatican are also in vain and will not benefit their dead. Islam alone comes with the permission of Allah (swt). The new millennium will be the millennium of Islam, biiznillah.

“O Christians! Muslims will bury your last funeral.” (Der Spigel 1980s). This was the cover title of the journal Der Spigel, who had an interview with us in those years.

We have published this article with the “Can’t the Islamic State Be Founded in Europe” title in our magazine “Hijrah”, which was written in Germany between 1981-1984, as well as in our website called “Hayatın Icinden” (From Inside Life) in 2011 after we returned to Turkiye.

I must confess that in those years, even we were suspicious about the possibility of this. However, as time passed, we have accepted and get used to it, which was ultimately resulted in the words “why not?”; because, everything happens by the will and will of Allah (swt). If He wants, there is nothing to revert it. The important point is that mankind should know how to ask from Him. Can’t you see that when mankind wants, they conquer space? This world is the world of working and struggling. People will find the reward or punishment for their actions, which they engaged in this world. Everything is the possession of Allah (swt) and under the control of Him. Is there any reason for Muslims not to be able to found a country, in which the orders of Allah could be implied, while the non-Muslims can found their own countries?

Especially Europe, in which our 70 million Muslim brothers and sisters live, has collapsed spiritually, and under the influence of the hurricanes of immorality, they are dragged into spiritual absence and despair. Mothers lost their love for children, mutual loyalty ties were broken in the family, and parents were pushed into loneliness. In Europe, the number of illegitimate children has been rapidly increasing. Extra-marital births exceed 60%. Sexual perversion has come to be considered legitimate in some places.

The Christian churches, to which the European people are morally attached, cannot bring any solution to this negative and immoral trend. They are still fail to take any serious steps towards the righteous path beyond exploiting the already falsified Bible. Churches are almost empty. Some churches are even closed because of this emptiness.

The church has become a means of exploitation by politicians who appear only in official ceremonies. Christianity is too much decadent that every day, many Christians delete their records from churches. While the staff of such empty churches is dismissed, some of the churches are turned into Masjids by Muslims. Moreover, the number of Masjids has been also rapidly increasing.

Drifting towards a hopeless future, Europe is perhaps suffering the most striking punishment for the torture and cruelty, which they have inflicted on the suffering people by following their colonialist and imperialist tyrant masters for centuries. Against this trend, the population of the Muslim community in Europe does not only increase with immigration but also with a higher birth rate than members of other religions. Muslims also make up Europe’s youth.

Who are those that hold this only solid rope firmly? They are the Muslims, who are the true followers of Islam. Today, Europeans fear Muslims and Islam.

The Muslims, who went to Vienna centuries ago by horse, even by walking, could not put Europe under the command of Islam, but their descendants may have seized this opportunity today. They have started to leave their mark on Europe for 60 years by coming and settling here by the invitation of the Europeans. In modern buildings that have been built for 60 years, in factories and machines, underground infrastructures, Muslims have the stamp of their rights and sweat that nobody can erase or usurp. It might be easy to bring all those Muslims to Europe, but, it will not be that easy to send them back. Muslims have only recently begun to recover and establish an Islamic infrastructure in Europe.

Today, newspapers and TV channels have to talk about Islam even if they don’t want it. Some of the intelligent European intellectuals could not be able to omit Islam and started to explore it. Years ago, before he has gone to the other world, Prof. Muhammad Hamidullah has told me that in Paris, 5-10 French people convert Islam per day. It is really exciting to hear that 7 million Muslims live in France right now. If we think of the Europeans who have converted into Islam in England, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium or even Spain, we understand that the reason for the immoral and daring attitude of the European Union administrators as well as the media’s anger towards Islam and the fuss of expelling Muslims from Europe is not only economic.

However, cowards die many times before their deaths. If our Rabb wishes an Islamic change in Europe, no power can prevent it. We have witnessed that even in Russia (1976), Muslims were holding their religion firmly and in 2015, there were hundreds of mosques open to Muslim prayers. Even the persecution of communism was not able to extinguish the light of Islam.

Allah (SWT) blessed us as the grandchildren of our ancestors, who have come to Europe by facing serious challenges and had to return back, and gave us the opportunity to serve Islam in Europe. Today, Europe is waking up to Islam.

We have to appreciate this well and try to give it its due. No tyrant can force us to give up our rights. If we believe, definitely, we are the stronger.

Our brothers and sisters, who serve to the path of Allah and Islam, have to fix their mistakes by keeping this advice in their minds. Nothing can escape from the determination. Then, let’s walk on this path with determination. Allah (SWT) will definitely help us. Our aim is not to drag people to false and perverted ways by cruelty and brute force. Our aim is to call people to peace, happiness, brotherhood and justice. It is to make Islamic Tabligh. If we live all these things truly, then, we will be able to make our Tabligh truly.

As the hearts are conquered, the sun of Islam will shine bright lights that will rise in the skies of Europe and then a new era will begin in which the Islamic State and its order will be established.