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Our 12th International Halal and Tayyib Products Conference was Online (for the First Time)

We successfully concluded our 12th International Halal and Tayyib Products Conference held on 3-4 October 2020.

Hundreds of People around the World Joined the Conference

We continue sharing the speeches of our speakers who are experts in their fields. Our followers, who did not have the opportunity to join our conference, can find the conference in our official social media accounts.


PROF. BAHMED REFFIS (Algeria) – The Position of States and Organizations on the Halal Market

“Halal food has developed a lot in recent decades. It has transformed from a niche market restricted to Muslims to a dynamic phenomenon with an important role in global trade. The positive complementarity between field experts and Sharia scholars contributed to the establishment of an integrated system for halal. It has been shown through research that this expansion was not always welcome, as many governments in the West sought to restrict the halal market by imposing unfair laws, on top of which is the prohibition of religious slaughter and the imposition of stunting animals before slaughtering them. Anti-Islam groups also spread propaganda describing the methods of slaughter as brutal, and trying to distort the lawful halal as a threat to individual freedoms and a lead to the foundations of fundamentalism, religious extremism and racial discrimination. On the other hand, other governments and Islamic societies sought to advance the halal sectors. Today, by the grace of Allah, we are witnessing a pioneering renaissance led by Islamic countries such as Turkey and Malaysia which seek to achieve leadership in the field of halal products around the world. Through concrete steps on the ground, they have encouraged the initiatives undertaken by committed and honest halal associations and fought abuses committed by fake associations.”