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GIMDES completed the 22th Halal auditor training in Eskisehir

A halal certification bodies; in order to conduct its work in scientific and valuable way it is essential to have adequate qualified auditors staff.

When GIMDES took decision for giving halal certificate in 2009; we invite experts from Malaysia and Indonesia for this purpose. After that GIMDES start to make its own halal auditor training programs. So from 2009 GIMDES proceed its adventure in halal auditor training programs, and we conduct the 22th halal auditor program on May 2016. This training was the 17th local training in addition to 5 International halal auditor training programs in Tunisia, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Macedonia and Istanbul. In addition to 2 training in Ankara hosted by TOC BIR SAN, and one training in Eskisehir hosted by TURGEV.

Eskisehir training program conducted during period 17-21 May 2016. Most attendees were agricultural engineers and theologians; consisting of 20 participants. The training performed by Dr. DR. HÜSEYİN KÂMİ BÜYÜKÖZER, Dr. Halim AYDIN, Ahmet Tunç CENGİZ, Murat SAYIN, Hayreddin İŞBİLİR, Mustafa MARAL and Abdulhamid AKSEL. At the end of the program completed by performing exam for attendees.


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