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Our 12th International Halal and Tayyib Products Conference was Online (for the First Time)

We successfully concluded our 12th International Halal and Tayyib Products Conference held on 3-4 October 2020.

Hundreds of People around the World Joined the Conference

We continue sharing the speeches of our speakers who are experts in their fields. Our followers, who did not have the opportunity to join our conference, can find the conference in our official social media accounts.


Himmet KARADAĞ (Turkey) – From Halal Nutrition to the Islamic Finance

“The field of finance, economy, capital markets, and international capital movements that regulate social life seems way apart from the field of GIMDES. However, there is a very solid set of intersections. We have begun with the food, but our aim is to live according to the orders of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet (S.A.W.) in the world we live in and to apply it to every aspect of our life. In this sense, the search for halal, which starts with food, sheds light on how we can act in accordance with Allah’s orders in all areas of the economy. In Turkey, we observe that although there are certain doors opened to the Islamic method of finance, unfortunately, there is not sufficient effort from Muslims to open these doors. This year, with the contributions of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and the University of Commerce, we opened a lesson on how we can open Islamic windows in the basic norms that regulate our social life, with the participation of graduate students, and we will start to work on how we can have Islamic finance.”